affordable green house cleaning

We Offer 2 Types of Cleans



The maid comes over to your home on a regular schedule
Every 1 Week
Every 2 weeks (most popular)
Every 4 weeks

Customize It
Clean the whole house or skip/rotate rarely used rooms (like guest rooms)
Clean just the “hard stuff” (like floors, bathrooms & kitchens)

Maids provide everything needed to clean
We bring natural products & equipment
Our new Probiotic cleaners reduce allergens

Repeat-Clean means the house cleaner comes to your home on a regularly scheduled basis—every 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks. The most popular is every 2 weeks, but this can also depend on the activity in your household. For example, two adults with no shedding pets can easily get by with a cleaning every 4 weeks.

We customize a cleaning plan just for you in order to save you money. We feel this is one of our strong points as the bigger companies often just want to charge you based on cleaning the “whole” house using the total square footage of your home.

Rates: The cleaning for the first 5 rooms are only $64.99 (Kitchen, Master bath, Master Bedroom, Living and Dining). After those first 5 rooms you can pick and choose what rooms we clean with each additional room costing only $9.99*. For example, you may have a room(s) which is rarely used, such as a guest room, and you can exclude it from the cleaning which saves you money.

What do we consider a room, you ask? Rooms are not defined by walls, but by use (i.e. dining room, living room, family room, etc). An average size room is approximately 15′ x 15′. A bathroom with a shower is a full room, but a bathroom without a shower is only half a room; a kitchen with a separate eating area or small table might be considered 1 ½ rooms depending on the overall size of your home.

There is often an additional charge for the first cleaning since there is more work to be done, but don’t worry, we only charge slightly more unlike those other guys.

All prices are based on rooms being of average condition and average size, meaning is has been thoroughly cleaned within the last 4 weeks or sooner and is between 500 and 2,300 sf is considered average size. And, remember, you can always exclude rooms rarely used.

Good to know: To keep your price as low as possible, we ask that you pick up items from the floors and flat surfaces as the maid may charge extra for excess item pickup. Also, the maid will bring all the green cleaning supplies and equipment, so you don’t have to worry about the extra charge of providing the products.

*Note: $9.99 a room is based on a house size of 2,300 sf or less. If you have a larger home, pets, or a majority of hard surface flooring, such as wood floors, an added charge may apply.


Perfect for one-time cleaning needs
      Moving in or out
Special occasions
Deep or spring cleaning

3-Hour minimum
      For a total of $105

The Maid provides everything needed to clean
      We bring natural products & equipment
Our new Probiotic cleaners reduce allergens

Rent-A-Maid means we refer a maid to you only when you need help. It is perfect if you need house cleaning only occasionally. The maids are experienced in natural green cleaning that is safe for People, Pets and the Planet.

Rates: $35 per hour per maid with a minimum of 3 hours for a total of $105. After that 3 hour minimum it’s only $8.75 for every additional 15 minutes.

You instruct the maid what to clean by providing them with a priority list of things to do and they will start and stop working when you tell them. You completely determine what they clean and when the job is finished*. We strongly recommend you are present while the maid is working to assure you are pleased with the results. Naked Clean cannot be responsible for cleaning if you are not present.

Good to know: The maid(s) will bring all the cleaning supplies and equipment to do general house cleaning. If your job requires using special equipment such as floor buffers, tall ladders, construction job clean up, etc., we do not refer this type of work. You should contact a specialty cleaning company who handles those types of jobs.

*Note: The maids cannot move heavy furniture or be subjected to dangerous situations.

**Disclaimer: Rent-a-Maid is scheduled upon maid availability