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San Diego Maid Services

There are many different types of Maid Service companies to choose from in San Diego. Each company will tout its own belief as to why their service is “better” than their competitors, but the truth is, there is no one company’s approach that is better than another. Rather, the decision to choose one company over another is based on more what the customer wants and/or needs.

You can think of Naked Clean as a match-making service, but for house cleaning.  We believe that putting a housekeeper in your home is an important decision so we start by first learning about your particular needs and your cleaning style.  Once we understand what’s important to you, we can then match the best housekeeper for your situation.  We use over 15 individual characteristics to help us identify what you’re looking for such as — the level of detail you want; areas to be cleaned; the day and time your prefer your cleaning; the size of your home; your city; pet concerns, and of course price. Then our staff will then review our membership of independent housekeepers who best fit your criteria to find the most compatible match.