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Top Five Spring Cleaning Tips From San Diego Maids

It is soon to be spring cleaning time for many, and this includes scheduling with your favorite San Diego house cleaning service, such as Naked Clean, for a deep cleaning.  It is often the time when people focus on washing the house top to bottom and cleaning all surfaces, even the interior and exterior windows. The tasks can be broken down into days or into various chunks of time, but when they are complete all breathe just a little more easily!

The areas that are often most appreciated are those spring cleaning tasks that are not so much cleaning as they are purging.  Tasks such as clearing out books from bookshelves, cleaning out drawers, and ridding of unwanted appliances are not only highly satisfying, but can benefit others.

Here are some tips that San Diego maid services advise:

Tidy up the shelves

Consider tossing the books that you have not read or no longer want, by donating them or selling then to or donate them to your local library or school.  Someone else will get to enjoy your books and you will have less clutter!

Utilize space under your bed

You would be surprised at what can be stored under your bed! If possible, opt for a raised bed, which gives you the advantage of extra space.  You can store toys, clothing, shoes and more in under-bed storage such as sealable plastic or canvas bags, baskets and drawers on wheels.

Purge your closets

Trust us, our clients have found some interesting (and mysterious) things in their closets! If you have not used nor worn something in six months or more, odds are that you do not need them. Consider donating your clothing, toys, games or household items to your nearest DAV (Disabled American Veterans), Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.

Organize your drawers

Invest in drawer dividers and keep in your drawers only what you use. Encounter any unneeded eyewear?  The Lions Club sponsored collection boxes are in various San Diego areas, including libraries, schools, places of worship, optometrist offices and other public locations. Contact your local Lions club.

Recycle your e-waste

Take advantage of Home Depot or Recycle San Diego and discard of your e-waste during drop-off days. Let them help you find the right place to dispose of your unwanted computers, TV’s, cell phones, monitors, TVs, laptops, and other “e-waste.”

Also, don’t forget to call Naked Clean for the best maid service in San Diego.

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