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Bay Park House Cleaning Services, CA

Bay Park House Cleaning Services, CA

Naked Clean is an A+ rated cleaning company by the Better Business Bureau and with tens of thousands cleanings behind us, we have the experience you can trust.  Bay Park and surrounding residents of this beautiful area pleased to learn Naked Clean, San Diego’s Green House Cleaning Service is a local woman-owned company


In addition, Naked Clean is the first company in the nation to offer patented probiotic cleaning for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or are chemical sensitive.


Did You Know?

Mission Bay Park is the largest man-made aqua park in the United States consisting of more than 4,200 acres. Originally discovered in 1543 by Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, he named it “San Miguel” or False Bay. About a week later he discovered the Catalina Islands.

Source: Wikipedia

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