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Who We Are
How It Began

About Us

Naked Clean is a local San Diego family-owned business that began with the simple idea that harmful chemicals should not be in our homes to the degree that they are today.about-car

We learned this the hard way when a family member became sick from the toxic cleaning products used in our home. We knew there had to be a better way and asked ourselves why, in this day and age, we haven’t turned to green and natural products for house cleaning?

That’s why we began Naked Clean. We knew it was time for a big change. We’ve re-invented house cleaning with our introduction of Probiotics and other non-toxic products. Because cleaning the natural way is what keeps you, your family, your home, and the environment healthy and happy.

In another step toward making a better house cleaning company, we also seek out the best independent professional housekeepers we can find and then attempt to “match” you up with the one that best fits your particular cleaning style and needs. This is something else that really sets us apart.

Try us out and see if you agree. An remember to keep it People, Pet and Planet Friendly®!

What People Are Saying
"Naked Clean did a fabulous job on every inch of our home. They gave friendly service, accommodated our request to have someone come out last minute, and provided detailed cleaning that surpassed our expectations."
- apthunt25
"I called Naked Clean due to the fact that they use natural cleaners. We have 3 pets and a 1 year old. I don't like the idea of using harmful chemicals around all of my children. They were on-time and cleaned the house perfectly. "
- Eli P.
"We have been relying on Naked Clean for our home cleaning for 3 years now. Our family home and people in it has grown up and down and they don't have any problem keeping up with our changing needs. Rosa and her team are trustworthy and reliable and I couldn't survive without them!! Thank you!!"
- Jessica D.
Found this business after another cleaning company never showed up for first appointment. Am also allergenic, owner came to estimate and pointed out how their cleaning was adjusted for patients. This was 3 years ago, have been using since, including when invalided after operation for a while. Nothing missing, nothing valuable damaged, thorough work, even make the bed.
- Wmd Jackson