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San Diego House Cleaning

NakedClean® is house cleaning re-invented. Providing our services for San Diego County, we use only natural products and Probiotics to help minimize the amount of toxic chemicals in your home. Not only are we great for allergy relief and all-around health, but our housekeepers are trustworthy and professional. We believe a healthy home is a happy home, so remember to keep it People, Pet and Planet Friendly®!
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Naked Clean’s desire to improve home cleaning services in San Diego was the result of a family member’s health being damaged by the frequent use of bleach in the household. This discovery encouraged us to study the harsh chemicals used to clean houses. For example, we bathe and shower in toxins, we clean our cooking utensils with harsh chemicals, and expose our children and pets to it daily. What is the solution to the harsh chemicals being used in homes today? How can we prevent allergies and other illnesses that originate in the home?
Naked Clean is one of the first “maid services” in the world to recognize the health benefits of using probiotics to clean homes. Our probiotic cleaners are green certified and hospital tested to significantly reduce pathogens (germs) up to 90% organically and safely. Recently, researchers at the University College London (UCL) proposed that hospital staff and doctors even start rinsing their hands in a solution of harmless probiotic bacteria in order to prevent pathogens from spreading.

“Our maid service is leading the charge with probiotic house cleaning in San Diego. It has taken home cleaning to a new level with the introduction of probiotic cleaners, that literally remove germs and allergens at the microscopic level – there has never been anything like it! Your home will look and smell squeaky-clean! Many of our customers have told us they experience less indoor allergic reactions including freedom from the flu and other illnesses with our probiotic house cleaning service”. – Naked Clean
Need Allergy Relief? Probiotic cleaning may be the “best allergy treatment” available today.
Our professional housekeepers have many years of experience and are also extremely trustworthy. The San Diego community has total confidence in our maid services. Why? Because customer satisfaction and quality of service is what we do.